Grant Recipient Develops Treatment For Dry Eye

One of the ASCRS Foundation’s early research grant recipients, Dr. Rolando Toyos of Jackson Tennessee, has discovered a way to use intense pulsed light to treat the most common form of dry eye syndrome.


“It has been something that we have been working on since 2002. All of our hard work has paid off the last few years as we have perfected and standardized a way to treat patients with dry eye with IPL,” says Dr. Toyos.


Dry eye, a lack of sufficient moisture and lubrication in the eye, is one of the most commonly diagnosed ophthalmic conditions in the U.S. Some studies estimate it affects close to 10% of the population.


“The grant helped us tremendously,” adds Dr. Toyos who received his ASCRS grant in 2006 for his submission: The Use of Intense Pulse Light for the Treatment of Dry Eye Due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Since beginning the research grant program, the Foundation has awarded over $300,000 in grants.


“I am very thankful for the opportunity that was given to me by the ASCRS Foundation. Also I am very glad that this idea actually worked and patients have been helped,” says Dr. Toyos.”


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