Toyos presents Intense Pulse Light for Dry Eye Disease at 12th annual ISOPT Clinical Meeting

Rolando Toyos, MD lectured at the 12th annual International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics meeting in Berlin. This year the meeting is focused on drugs and devices that are changing the way eye doctors are practicing. The meeting has always been about innovations that will be utilized in daily practice. This is the fourth year that Dr. Toyos has been invited to speak at this prestigious meeting. ISOPT has always held special lectures on Dry Eye Disease Treatment. The year featured speakers from the USA, Germany, Singapore, and Spain.


Dr. Toyos presented his published research on the use of Intense Pulse Light for dry eye. Dr. Toyos utilizes the IPL technology that he developed – Dermamed Diamond with DES. He also presented a soon to be published study looking at biomarkers after IPL treatment. He concluded his lecture presenting information on his at home light device for dry eye treatment, The Q. Toyos Clinic presented data on The Q at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery showing improvement in signs and symptoms of patients who used the device at least twice a week for 3 months. The Q has now been in use only at Toyos Clinic this year with rave reviews from patients. Dr. Toyos holds several patents on light base treatments for dry eye. The clinic has thought about delivering The Q to other clinics similar to the IPL roll out where Dr. Toyos personally trains the doctors and staff of each clinic that has the IPL technology.




  Dr. Toyos’ hands on approach to teaching over the last seven years has led to several clinics like Duke and The Mayo Clinic to produce similar positive results that Dr. Toyos reported in the Journal for Laser Medicine.


For now if patients want The Q they will have to call Toyos Clinic.


After the lecture Dr. Toyos was interviewed by a European Ophthalmology Journal that plans a special Dry Eye Disease, DED, section highlighting the latest treatments. The interviewer suffers from DED and is planning a consultation with Dr. Toyos in Memphis or Nashville. Over the years the clinic has seen patients from several foreign countries. The clinic has a staff member that can help coordinate travel, exam, and treatment. Dr. Toyos has another presentation later in the meeting concerning new treatments in cataract surgery. The clinic is currently conducting several cataract research projects. if you qualify for studies you are eligible to free medications and possible compensation. As always the clinic has several dry eye studies as well. For more information call one of the clinics in your area. Or you can email our study coordinator Pat Mathey at

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