Protective Eyeware

Most glasses will give some measure of protection from air currents that might irritate your eyes. Frames without separate nose pieces are better for keeping the air away from your eyes when you walk. Wrap-around sunglasses provide outdoor comfort and there are brands that fit against the face with foam such as Onion Goggles (available from stores that carry kitchen items) and Panoptx® windless eyewear, which keep out the wind and debris. Although expensive, they may be just what you need to enjoy being outdoors.


Moisture chamber glasses are another product that might offer the dry eye sufferer great relief. The glasses are made up by an optician who orders the clear panels from suppliers like EagleVision®. The panels are attached to your regular glasses and trap moisture like goggles. Since the glasses are made individually for each person, they take time and can be costly but those who have used them have found they work well.


Another product that can help protect eyes at night and during the day while napping or resting (since you cannot see through them) is Tranquileyes™, flexible nighttime goggle-like eye shields. Tranquileyes™ have a sponge insert that you can soak in water if you want before you put them on. They were designed to keep the moisture around your eye while you sleep.